Apple September 12th Special Event roundup

Apple-iPhone-5Apple had already announced that they will be holding an event on September 12, 2012. This event was mainly focused on launching the new iPhone 5, new range of iPods and some other stuff.

In this post I’ll be sharing what actually happened at the event in case you missed it due to some reason. We will be pointing out all the main points that Apple made at the events including the new iPhone 5 launch, the new iPods launch and some others as well. Lets discuss all of the points related to the iPhone 5 one by one. Don’t worry, I’ll be very brief.

Opening of the event!

  • 10:00 AM PDT, Tim Cook came out on the stage. He looked pretty confident. Obviously he had to, its a big day in the history of Apple. They were going to announce the iPhone 5 without Steve Jobs.
  • It started with some Apple Stores videos and videos related to some other things about Apple. Then Tim Cook moved on to show that stats and how their devices as well as their company was performing in the market.
  • First he talked about the Mac and their latest Mac OS X offering, the Mountain Lion. He mentioned that Mountain Lion was downloaded for about 7 million copies straight. Its a huge number actually.
  • Then he came on the iPads. Tim mentioned that Apple sold about 17 million iPads in the last quarter itself which again is a huge number as some years before there existed no tablet market at all.
  • In total, Apple has sold about 84 million units of the iPad from the start i.e iPad 1. Again a whooping amount.
  • He also mentioned that the iPad’s share in the tablet market has increased from 62% last year to 68% directly this year.
  • He also didn’t forget to brag about the the amount of apps available for the iOS devices. He mentioned that the App Store has already crossed the 700k apps mark and in which more that 250k are specially built for the iPad.

iPhone 5 Announcement

  • Tim Cook called up Phil Schiller on the stage so that Phil can announce the most awaited and the all new iPhone 5.
  • Initially there were some speculations that the new iPhone 5 will be named as “the new iPhone” but it was definitely proved wrong when Phil announced the name as iPhone 5.
  • As per Phil and the company, iPhone 5 is the most beautiful piece of product ever manufactured by them.
  • As they put up a video on the screen people around the world watching the event recognized the new iPhone 5 same as the one that was leaked many time before the event on the internet.
  • The iPhone 5’s body is completely made up of glass and aluminum. It is also the thinnest iPhone ever released. Its about 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S which points to just 7.6 mm of thickness.
  • It is also 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S. It comes with the same Retina Display with 326 PPI that iPhone 4S came with only difference lies within the screen size.
  • The iPhone 5 comes with a screen size of 4 inches which cuts to 1136 x 640 screen resolution with an aspect ratio of about 16:9.
  • As per Apple they made the screen bigger this time so that human hands can easily use the iPhone with its extensive screen.
  • All the features were leaked long before the announcement itself which was a great disappointment.
  • Then Phil stood up to explain other benefits of the larger display as it shows one more row for the apps on the home screen. Also it is now capable of showing more emails, calendar events etc.
  • They also explained the vividness of the pics displayed on the same screen and how much it has improved since the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 Connectivity Features

This included connectivity features like the HSPA+, DC-HSDPA and of course LTE. They did choose to keep a single chip to manage all the voice and data transfers together.

They also introduced the new Wi-Fi, 2.4ghz and 5ghz on 802.11n that offers some extraordinary connectivity features of the iPhone 5.


  • Apple is offering their latest iPhone i.e the iPhone 5 with the whole new and faster A6 chip. The new A6 chip is smaller but at the same time better than the previous A5 chip.
  • It offers 2x faster CPU and also 2x faster GPU.
  • It is around 22% smaller than the A5 yet a master.
  • To show the capability of the processor they called upon Rob Murray of EA to demo the next level. Real Racing 3.
  • Rob talked about the console quality graphics he was able to provide with the help of the A6 chip on the device. He also show the multiplayer feature via the Game Center. Nothing new there.

Battery Life

  • Phil came back on the stage to talk about the battery features of the new iPhone 5.
  • They have managed to improve the battery life with about 8 hours life for 3G and LTE.
  • 10 hours for WiFi and video usage. 40 hours of music playback and about 225 hours of standby time.

iSight Camera

  • Next came the camera section where they introduced some new improvements in the camera.
  • The camera is a 8mp, backside illuminated, hybrid IR filter. It also has the Dynamic low light mode, precision lens alignment, sapphire crystal.
  • It also offers Next gen ISP, spatial noise reduction, smart filter and better low light performance.
  • There is also 40% faster on photo capture.
  • With the integration of iCloud in iOS 6 there will be a new feature called the Photo Streams.
  • The camera also offers a Panorama Mode which can capture images of around 28 MP.
  • New video features include 1080p video, improved video stability, face detection and you can also take photos while shooting a video.
  • Also you can now have FaceTime in HD.

Microphone and Speakers

  • Apple has this time decided to keep three microphones, one each bottom, front, and back. For a better voice quality.
  • The speaker design has also been tweaked and it is now 20% smaller than the previous one.

All new Connector

  • Apple was using the same 30 pin connector since the launch of the first iPod in 2003. It was the 30 pin connector which used to be pretty bulky. This time they planned to eliminate the old design with the new connector they call the Lightning.
  • It is alll digital, 8-signal design, adaptive interface, improved durability, reversable. It is also 80% smaller than the old connector.

iOS 6 Final

  • After all the hardware there came the point for the iOS 6. They showcased some new features and also the features they exhibited at the WWDC 2012.
  • They demoed the new Maps with 3D navigation and the Turn by Turn navigation.
  • Then came the all the iCloud integration to the Safari same as you can see on Mac OS X Mountain Lion.
  • Then came the Passbook. It is basically another addition to the new iOS 6. Itis an app that hold all your passes and tickets at one single place.
  • They also showcased the new features in SIRI that it could now easily fetch you data about movies, sports etc.

Colour Variants

iPhone 5 will be released in mainly two colour variants. Black and White. They will come with iOS 6 installed out of the box.


The iPhone 5 will mainly be priced at $199 For 16GB, $299 For 32GB, $399 For 64GB on a two years contract.


You will be able to pre order your own iPhone 5 starting 14th September 2012. It is expected to surface other parts of the world starting 21st September 2012 and till December 2012.

So this was the whole sum up of the main iPhone 5 event in the Apple event of 12th Sept 2012.

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