Apple Launched 7th Gen iPod Nano

Recent buzz all over is the release of Apple’s brand new version of iPod Nano. The gadget was launched at San Francisco press event. From its look, one thing that can be said about this brand new gadget is that the company has completely trenched the short form factor for the sake of something new and well, just like the attractive Samsung esque.

iPod Nano

The crucial reason behind the change of the design is that, this new version of iPod boasts a 2.5 inch multi-touch widescreen. The device is only 5.4mm thick and is 38 % thinner than the previous versions. Now the gadget sports a Home button just like that of a iPod touch and iPhone.

There are other options to elect for increasing and decreasing the volume and the Lightening dock connector is an added advantage. News of this added feature was revealed during the launch of iPhone 5. Other additional features that will surely lure your attention are FM Tuner, Bluetooth connectivity, pedometer and 16GB internal storage memory. The storage memory has been kept the same as that of its previous versions because of some hidden reason that has not been revealed yet by the company.

The in-built FM Tuner featuring a live pause function allows users to suddenly stop the live feed for some time and then again play back the previous item. It’s simple great! iPod Nano is capable of paying videos of high-definition which the previous square nano was not able to do. The inbuilt pedometer in the new iPod Nano has been built for applications like Nike+ and many more. The compatible headsets given with the iPod will help you have an unforgettable experience for sure.

iPod Nano is available in seven varied colors. Though you will not be able to wear this one like a watch as the previous one but you will surely feel something different while using it. The market price for this gadget has been fixed at $149. I am sure that all of you will fall in love with this efficient and attractive gadget! Read more on Latest Mobile Reviews.

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