Apple EarPods review roundup

Along with every iOS device, there’s an accessory that has became an iconic piece on how you can differentiate a fanboy from all of the people walking on a street –yes that white-colored wired earphones.

Apple Earpods review roundup

In relation to the latest batch of iPods and with the new iPhone 5, Apple has just announced a new replacement earphone that will be called “EarPods”. The EarPods will be coming bundled with the latest iPods and with the iPhone 5 and will hit the shelves for $29.

Knowing the price and that it’ll come free from the latest iOS devices, Apple is claiming that the EarPods will rival earphones that cost hundreds more. Let’s find out if that claims is just sort of marketing blah-blah or a statement of Apple’s genius design.

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Apple EarPods Review

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