Amazon Kindle Fire HD dismantled

So here we go again, knowing that there’s iFixit on the run to grab as early as possible new –popular devices for the sake of tearing them apart into its smallest component just to test its reparability and definitely look for other signature parts that will makes their dismantling task even fancier. The firm has just waved their magical screw driver to tear-down Amazon’s latest Kindle Fire HD.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD dismantled

The main surprise about the revamped Kindle Fire was its fixable design, very easy to open with main components easy to replace. From major manufacturers of hardware, major parts belong to LG, TI and Samsung with a Display LCD, 1.2GHz TI OMAP 4460 and flash memory, respectively.

If you’re a current owner of a Kindle Fire HD or soon to be, it’s recommended that you read through the source link for more information, to get you geared with the right knowledge in case of future trouble and malfunctions.

Buy a Kindle Fire HD for only $199(7-inch 16GB Wifi-only), $299(8.9-inch WiFi 16GB) and $499(8.9-inch 4G,WiFi 32GB).

Source: iFixit

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