Apple’s (5th Gen) iPod Touch Specifications

The new refreshed iPod touch is Apple’s latest version of multimedia MP3 player, but mostly have evolved into a portable gaming device as well. If you are a casual gamer and love listening music all the time, this gadget is for you. This is the 5th Gen iPod touch revamped by Apple comes with whole lot of new features. The model features 4-inch touch screen as that of the Apple’s latest iPhone. Not only this, there are many more things to say about this efficient gadget, just keep on reading.

Apple’s iPod Touch

iPod touch is only 6.1mm thick, weighing only 88 grams. You must be thinking of how slim the device looks…right? Yeah it is as slimmer as the iPhone 5. This device can be termed undoubtedly as the thinnest of all. The front screen has been improved a lot .

Apple has assured that this iPod Touch will offer 40 hours of instant music playback and video playback as well. This particular feature was not there in the earlier versions. The back camera of ipod touch has been upgraded to 5 megapixel camera illuminated at the backside having the same crystal lens cover which is also there in iPhone5. The best part is that the front camera has been improved a lot sporting a 720p HD camera supported by the exclusive siri and panorama feature.

It was in the year 2007 when Apple launched its first version of iPod touch. Now it is 2012 and Apple has launched its 5th Gen iPod armed with some mind-blowing features. But let me tell you one thing that this 5th Gen iPod is not for everyone. Today iPod touch has gained worldwide popularity because of its powerful features and high end performance. The device also features dual core A5 processor chip which is recognized as one of the most powerful mobile CPU ever. This A5 chip is responsible for making the device work faster.

Those who are wondering to purchase the gadget should make sure that you are well informed about the specifications. This 5th Gen ipod touch is available at $299 only. If you wish to know information on iPhone 5 head on to .

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