The Flying Bike Concept

“‘Nuff said,” Yanko Design told on its article about the concept of Flying Bike so you should not let out of your violent reactions for the idea. As a concept, the flying bike will be made from lightweight materials and high-precision propulsion and stabilization technology to let you on-air for about 5 minutes. Technically, when you’re trapped on a bumper-to-bumper traffic congestion you can fly over it.

Flying Bike

However, while you’re thinking if the concept will fly or how many calories you’ll lose pedaling for five minutes. The image above reminds of a Parrot AR Drone that can be controlled from your iPhone, iPad or iPod –maybe it’ll be wiser to play around with it in outdoor or indoor rather spending so much time thinking if the flying bike will fly?

You can head on Yanko Design to check out the details and its designers.

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