Samsung pays Apple $1 billion sending 30-trucks of five cent coins, hoax

Samsung pays Apple $1 billion sending 30-trucks of five cent coins, hoaxLate last week, Apple has officially won the legal battle against Samsung that will have the Cupertino-giant a $1.05 billion from the Korean mobile manufacturer. Apparently, the money has not been wired to Apple since Samsung intends to appeal for the case’s decision. Now, considering the ridiculous well tailored story circulating —-hilarious “meme”, Samsung didn’t really sent 30-trucks of five cent coins to settle the $1.05 billion to Apple’s office in California.

Ultimately, the story was circulated really well as it was rooted from 9gag, a known social fun-loving time-busting site. So, the story Samsung sent 30 trucks full of nickels to Apple’s office in California, is a hoax.

Doing a quick calculations and research will kill the hilarious details of this story, the 1-billion will require Samsung around 21-billion five cent coins which is more than the currently more than the current circulation in the U.S. Accordingly, each coins will weighs 5 grams that will have a total weight of 100,000 tons enough to void the 30 trucks, because it’ll be needing more than that.

Indeed, an entertaining icebreaker to ease the iPhone 5 rumor mill, so far the coolest trolling story.

Source: IBTimes

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