Romo: Robotic Dock for Android and iOS Smartphone

There’s a dock that can roam around your house and do multiple things far from your ordinary or luxury speaker system dock that will charge your handset. Accordingly, it’s a robotic dock for your Android or iOS smartphones that’s called Romo.

Romo Robotic Dock for Android and iOS Smartphone

Romo has two threads that will let the dock move or roam around your house, be an instant spybot utilizing the camera on your handset, dance to the music that’s playing on your house and countless unique capability depending on the application running on your smartphone to control the device. Romo is currently on its development phase, so the company is seeking for developers to explore and expand Romo’s capabilities. Now, it seemed we’ve lots of things to expect coming soon for this accessory.

Now if you think those cool features is enough for you, for the meantime —-you can grab the Romo for $149 through the source link below.

Source: Romo Product Page

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