Original iPhone 4gb still sealed in the box baught on launch day back on 6/29/07

Original iPhone 4GB

A YouTube user named have uploaded a video showing his favorite collectible —-a sealed original iPhone 4GB that he purchased back in 6/29/07 during the launch day that’s more than 5 years to date. His main intentions was to sell the original iPhone on eBay the reason why it’s still sealed. Knowing that it’s 5-year old and its popularity, a commenter told that it might be worth $6,000+ right now.

I still have my original iPhone in the box and still sealed! I purchased this during launch day on 6/29/07. My intentions was to sell this on ebay, but I never got around to selling it. This is my most favorite collectible I have.

If you’re going to buy this original iPhone 4GB, how much are you willing to pay for it?

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