Microsoft Surface will sell for ultra-competitive $199 in October 26th

Microsoft’s price and availability detail for its Surface tablet is still in secrecy, no official word from the OS-giant from Redmond. Guessing from early and present rumor, respectively, they’ve suggested an absolute contrary in pricing structure, suggesting an earlier top-priced bid to ultra-budget priced Microsoft Surface tablet.

Microsoft Surface will sell for budgeted $199 in October 26th

Back in late last month, reports shows sky high prices for variant of Microsoft Surface with claims, “The 64GB RT would supposedly cost $1430, and the 64GB and 128GB Pro versions, arriving next year, would be $1860 and $2150, respectively.”

Today, the aforementioned unbelievable prices were reversed to absolutely much cheaper tags, according source rooted from a closed-door session Microsoft held at its TechReady15 conference. On that event, the company discussed the details of the Surface’s launch, revealing major details with price tag deemed to only $199 and will be available on shelves by October 26th.

Presumably the $199 Surface will be the 32B Windows RT model. The Redmond-giant had already stated that the RT version will be priced competitively versus the other tablets in the market. However, $199 looks a little off, maybe something in the range of iPad price will be more believable.

If this $200 price mark will became true for the Microsoft Surface, expect it to lure new adapters and probably may show some significant impact on the tablet market. Mark those PC users around the world, as this tablet will have seamless integration with the advantage of when most of them will gradually move on to Windows 8.

Looking on how tight the competition and the thin red line between a tablet-smartphone market, Microsoft may be willing enough to sacrifice their hardware revenue, just to build a huge mobile followers like for its new tablet and develop the Windows ecosystem to catch up with Android and iOS.

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