Infographic: Tablets May Change Education Forever

Infographic Tablet EducationThere’s no doubt that Apple iPad is still the king of the crowded tablet market, which it takes 61-percent of the most owned tablet by adults nowadays. Accordingly, the tablet ownership has tripled for upcoming and college students a year ago, from 7-percent to 25-percent. For a very short period of time, tablets have become an important tool that may change the future of education.

The monitor power that in just a flick it can replace countless expensive books in a digital format, that is highly interactive. Instead of just reading it on a normal print book, the student can hear the music or speech from music or famous speech books.

The tablets are made almost as larger replicas of smartphones students are using so there’s a little learning curve when transitioning to this device. And with the use of useful apps, students can easily access multiple online teaching and learning platforms.

One last thing, tablets are ultra portable compared to a laptops and more lightweight than a print books.

Pearson Foundation conducted a survey last March 2012 and found out:

  • 46-percent of current tablet owners plan to have another tablet within the next six months
  • 90-percent college students and high school seniors believe tablets are valuable for both education and personal purposes
  • 66-percent of college students believe that tablets help them study more efficiently
  • 64-percent believe the tablets help them do better in class
  • 70-percent of college student have read digital textbooks
  • 77-percent of college students believe tablets greatly enhance the leaning experience

Check out the infographic below to learn more:

Teaching With Tablets

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