Gaming on your mobile; which is the best operating system?

iPhone vs Galaxy S 3

Whatever kind of phone you have, there are a huge range of casino apps that you can choose from, like deal or no deal slots. Amongst them the majority run on either Flash or the newest development in internet coding, HTML5.

Flash, although a standard for games and animations for a few years now has begun to show its age. It’s increasingly becoming more and more prone to bugs and crashes, and as games designers try and squeeze every last drop of goodness from the toolkit, the seams are starting to show and the entire way it has been constructed is starting to become a problem for designers.

HTML5 is rapidly becoming the most stable and most accessible system for games makers to use. It is only just getting to the point where designers are finding out what HTML5 is really capable of, and it will be a long time before we see a point that the structure of the language itself begins to show signs of wear and tear.

The real issue here is that for the most part Android tends to run Flash for all its apps and addons, whereas the iOS and other systems are more geared towards running HTML5-based content. This can cause a real problem on occasion since there is very little that you can do if you happen to own one particular device and the other is the only one with the casino app you are looking for. Luckily, most games designers and producers make sure that there is a version for both systems, so the decision really doesn’t have to be so difficult. It just depends whether you’re looking to the future of gaming, or are happy to stay in the present for now.

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