Flexible Battery Could Lead to Foldable Devices

Flexible BatteryWe have seen a flexible E-Ink and OLED display surface for quite some times now, accordingly with this new invention from a Korean scientist, a super thin flexible battery —-count for less days for a tablet or smartphone that can be folded away into your pocket.

Considering the battery as one of the largest part for any portable devices, making this component thinner and can be folded, it’ll be like landing man on the moon, a big step on the development of bendable electronic devices.

Thanks to Professor Keon Jae Lee of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and his team for the creation of the super-thin foldable battery. It was lithium-ion battery that’s super-thin enough for it to bend without causing any fluctuations on its voltage supply.

The above video shows how consistent the voltage of the battery even it’s twisted repeatedly as monitored from powering a blue LED and a voltmeter.

Lee’s team is now looking on ways for mass-production and possibility of stacking the batteries for greater power output life.

Expect more developments on the coming days for the bendable gadgets.

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