Back To School Gadgets Of 2012

School life is perhaps one of the best times in the life of every person and thinking about the gadgets that can be taken back to school is another exhilarating option. With the passage of time, the gadgets that can be taken to school have changed during the last few years. Once the school session starts in full motion, there will be no end to work and projects. However, engaging in pleasurable activities in between the full school sessions should be a good idea. While taking a vacation is one of the first and foremost things that come to mind, the present day kids  and high school students love to handle all the new gadgets that are being brought out by companies during regular intervals. In this article, we will focus on some of the back to school gadgets of 2012 that are doing the rounds.

We have summarized some back to school gadgets in the following lines:

Apple iPad

Apple iPad

The following features of this gadget make it a wonderful device that can be used by school kids. During the recent times, Apple has been the greatest makers or manufacturers of technical devices that have taken the world by storm. Whether it is iPod, iPad or any other device manufactured by them, the company has shown the world that it is possible to create a phenomenon with their gadgets that can be used by people of all age groups.

  • The retina display of this device along with 5.0 mega pixel camera, the new iPad is far more advanced that it previous counterparts.
  • Whether you want to surf the internet or check your E mail, it can be done within minutes.
  • The school going kids will perhaps have more fun while arranging a movie session with their friends or perhaps play an exciting game.
  • With more than two hindered thousand apps in the app store, this new model is the smartest invention of Apple.
  • The white color of this model is truly exciting and offers more fun elements than you could have ever thought. However, this device is also available in black color.
  • The iPad offers you with 9.7” Retina Display with Multi Touch Screen.
  • Offers 1080p HD video recording.
  • The battery life is of ten hours.
  • This device is equipped with iOS5 iCloud Camera.
  • Has WiFi.


Sony VAIO T Series

Sony VAIO T Ultrabook

This Ultrabook by Sony is a commendable gadget in the real sense and the best companion for travel. The device is extremely swift, and youngsters can use them for official purposes and also when they hand out in a coffee shop. The features of this product include:

  • This device is equipped with an aluminum shell in the outside with excellent storage technologies.
  • The battery life comprises of 7.5 hours.
  • Contains Intel Core _i5_3317U processor.
  • 500 GB hard drive and 32 GB solid state drive.
  • The OS is Windows 7 Home premium
  • This version of T series Ultrabook also features a bright LED backlit display.

If you are a fan of Harry or the other exciting games, movies and music, the next gadget can be counted among the best back to school gadgets 2012.

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

This gadget contains a host of extraordinary features that provides a complete experience for kids as it includes games, apps, movies, music reading and much more. The features of this product demonstrate the capacity of this device:

  • Efficient dual core processor.
  • Children will love to enjoy the colorful pictures of their favorite books and magazines.
  • There are more than 20 million songs, books, television shows and magazines.
  • Internet surfing is the easiest things to do from this device.
  • The dual core processor is also fast and powerful.


Blackberry Torch 9800

Blackberry Torch 9800

Blackberry Torch 9800 is a one of a kind device, which is simply inspirational for the users. While it is possible to get all the social networking under the same roof, the ma thing applies to RSS feed. For instance, if you want a particular post to be shared with all your friends on different social networks, this is the perfect device that you have ever imagined. The features of this device include:

  • This cell phone can be operated in GSM carriers.
  • You will get Wi Fi with 3.2 inches touchscreen, QWERTY keypad and OS 6.
  • Offers 5.8 hours of talk time. This cell phone works with AT&T and T-Mobile.
  • Consists of 5 MP cameras along with a camcorder, 4GB internal memory, expansion through micro SD and Bluetooth stereo music.
  • You will possible get some of the best deals while buying this product from the market.


iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone 4S

This is another device that has taken the world with storm and the features that are present in this phone make it popular among users. In fact, it is convenient to handle this device as it is considered as the slimmest Smartphone. The outward appearance of this device is exceptionally good, which is encapsulated in case of stainless steel. The features of this device include:

  • Twin cameras.
  • The users of this phone are able to perform various tasks at the same time.
  • 5 mega pixel camera with LED display.
  • HD video recording.
  • Retina display.

Whether your kid is in school or going to high school, you must be prepared to buy some of the best and contemporary gadgets that are available in the market. However, you must also take care not to burn a hole in your pockets while buying the latest tech gadgets for your school kids.

JBuds J5 Earbuds

JBuds J5 Earbuds

This is one of the most popular ear buds that are used by students. The following features of this device makes it a best seller.

  • There are four different sizes of tips, and the product is guaranteed by the company.
  • The design of the product provides comfortable fittings.
  • Consists of titanium micro drivers.

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