Android Nikon Camera Coming Really Soon

Android Nikon Camera Coming Really SoonIf camera phones are stealing a great market from point-and-shoot cameras, don’t be surprised if one day you’ll see Android cameras. Seemed Nikon will live in a saying, “if you can beat them, join them.” That’s why the upcoming Coolpix S800 is rumored to be running full blown Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system, yet with no phone functionality.

Android Nikon Coolpix S800 Specifications:

  • 25-250 mm lens
  • 3.5″ OLED screen
  • The camera runs all Google Play apps
  • The camera will probably run Android 2.3
  • Built-in GPS
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Possible announcement: August 22, 2012


With no phone functionality, somehow you might be looking at WiFi tablet-like camera instead, which can easily share photos via the internet through several popular social networking sites, which could be its selling point. The Android camera will also have full access at Google Play’s apps, which we believe will feature app compatible with the device.

Now the Coolpix S800 could be just a dummy unit for the crowd reaction, as if there will be great demand on the unit, you can expect a Nikon 1 or a Nikon DSLR to jump into Android-camera bandwagon.

If you’re a minimalist, maybe your camera phone will satisfy your photographic cravings, else an Android camera is something new and a smarter way of capturing your special moments.

Source: Nikon Rumors

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