This could be the new iPhone 5

New iPhone 5

The most anticipated and crucial handset from Apple is yet to have a premature intro, could this be the new iPhone 5? A repair shop called Lab Factory has just unveiled the most complete leaked images of Cupertino’s next iPhone iteration that might have the ‘new’ or ‘5’ on its iconic moniker. We got the full gallery after the break, check it out –believable?


If you’re asking how these early prototypes slipped on Apple’s design lab or if this was still a ‘placeholder’ for the next iPhone –knowing how the company kept its secrets, someone untrustworthy will have to pay for leaking this set of plausible photos.

The photos perfectly describe what might the new iPhone 5 looks like living with the early rumored larger form factor, wider 16×9 screen, smaller dock connector and metal back. Believable?

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Source: Lab Factory (Images Credit)

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