Samsung launches Galaxy Beam and Galaxy Ace 2

Galaxy Beam Galaxy Ace 2

Back in February, Samsung introduced the ‘world’s thinnest phone projector’ Galaxy Beam and the Galaxy Ace 2 in MWC 2012 at Barcelona. We don’t heard anything from then on for both handsets, luckily the two new phones have just been launched properly in Singapore and Taiwan.

The Galaxy Beam will be available on July 7th in Singapore and mid-July in Taiwan for S$648($513) or NT$16,900($566) free of contract. While the mid-entry mini-dual-core Galaxy Ace 2 will be available in Singapore at the end of the month for S$438 ($352) off contract too, note that there’s still no word on where else the Ace 2 will be available.

Check out Galaxy Beam and Galaxy Ace 2 listings:

Source: Engadget

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