Samsung beats iPhone sales

It looks like a pressurize-hype is building up at Cupertino to give their make or break shot for the new iPhone 5 as Sammy’s Galaxy line has been outstanding in the market shipping nearly twice as Apple for the second quarter.

iPhone vs Galaxy S 3

Strategy Analytics, a research firm claims that Samsung shipped 50.5 million units for 2Q 2012 topping a new record for a smartphone manufacturer greatest shipment for a quarter and interestingly the company now takes 35-percent of the global market. On the other hand, Apple shipped 26 million units on the same quarter that takes about 18-percent of the market share.

Sammy’s skyrocketing sales for the second quarter profit record of $5.86 billion and up by 79-percent compared at the same month last year.

At the moment, Apple and Samsung combined market share will have half of the global market for smartphones, with global shipments rose to 32-percent to 146 million units.

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