Planet of the Apps [Infographic]

Planet of the Apps InfographicSmartphones are taking over the world; of that there is no denying. Many people simply can’t go a day without using a web enabled device to make their lives a little easier, better or simply more fun, whether that’s finding their way around a city they’re visiting, organising their to-do list or taking some time out to fire bids at pigs.

But how many birds do you think have been flung altogether? How many Somethings have been Drawn? How many apps do we download every day?

The answer is simple: A lot. We spend a lot of time with our phones in our hands, tweeting, Facebooking and emailing, and without apps to do this it would be an awful lot more difficult. That’s why the mobile phones team took the time to create this awesome infographic.

Is there an app you simply couldn’t live without? We’d love to hear from you.

The Planet of the Apps Infographic

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