Featured: What makes for a great smartphone?

Most people have heard of smartphones although they may not know exactly what a smartphone is. Smartphones are devices that not only allow users to make phone calls but they also add other features that would have been common in personal digital assistants (PDAs) or computers. In the past, these features could only be obtained through the use of these other devices. Smartphones permit users to not only receive email but send it as well. Also, many computer applications can function on smartphones allowing work documents to be edited from one’s phone. Knowing what a smartphone is now leads to another question. What exactly makes for a great smartphones? Given all of the options, just what would a smartphone need to have to be considered great?

All smartphones have an operating system that permits coordination of the various functions of the phone. This is the same as what is needed for a computer. There are many different operating systems that can be found on phones. Often the particular system depends on which developer created the phone. Some of the operating systems found on smartphones include the BlackBerry operating system, Symbian operating system, Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and HP’s webOS. Despite this range of operating systems, some are better than others. The best smartphones would have either the Android operating system or the iOS. These are the two most popular operating systems. As a result, finding apps and other add-ons is much easier. Also, they have some terrific features not found in the other systems.

Web access is another important feature in a smartphone. More and more smartphones are able to support high speed networks. Much of this is due to the expansion of 3G and 4G data networks. Also, many handsets support Wi-Fi which allows the smartphone to use Wi-Fi when available rather than using their data quota. There are some smartphones that do not offer high speed web services. Therefore, in regards to web access, all great smartphones would have high speed access. If you wwant to view some visit www.dialaphone.co.uk/.

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