Monster Inspiration Headphones Unveiled

Monster have just unveiled its new Inspiration headphones, the first new models after they left partnership with Beats. The new Inspiration models is now available initially at retail in Apple stores.

Monster Inspiration Headphones

The Inspiration headphones will come in two flavors of $299.99 model with active noise-cancellation and a $249.99 model with “passive” noise-cancellation. There will be three colors for you to fit your style, titanium, white, or silver –and that’s exactly Monster is eying when the company includes a feature for a swappable headband cover that allows you to customize your headphones in different colors as you wanted. There’s already an included extra headband cover but you can have extra three-pack for $15.

We’ve reviewed the Philips O’Neill and BlueAnts Embrace headphone, hopefully Monster will send us a unit for our hands-on review.

Monster Inspiration Headphones Listings

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