Microsoft’s ‘iPad Killer’ really soon

Circulation of rumors that the Redmond-giant is launching its latest touchscreen slate running Windows RT a flavor of Windows 8 has just started to surface, particularly building a hype to rival Apple’s magical creation, the iPad.

Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet

Mashable Tech scooped Hollywood blog The Wrap reports “an individual with knowledge of the company”, who claims the software giant would be “making a foray into a new hardware category that would put the company in direct competition with rival Apple” –that’s iPad.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has planned to create a tablet device, if you’ll remember the company’s bulky laptop hybrid with stylus and recently a foldable dual-touchscreen tablet called Courier. Notably, both of them failed to keep up with iPad.

Now it seemed the software-giant is eying to build this device inhouse, much like the Microsoft’s Xbox which by far one of their most successful device for a decade.

Though we’ve seen the Windows 8 in action and there could be variety upcoming apps for the platform ready to be integrated on PC, phone and tablet, but are they good enough to have a close fight against Apple? Don’t also forget the Android devices.

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