iPhone 5 backplates leaked, confirm 16:9 aspect ratio 4″ screen

Allegedly brand new iPhone parts has been leaked that seemed to confirm the 16:9 aspect ratio 4-inch screen of the next-gen iPhone. 9to5Mac received the leaks from several suppliers that seemed believable enough if you’ll be hitting the virtual jump for the gallery.


The leaked bezel will almost stay at same size of the existing iPhone with very minimal added height on the phone to house the new screen. The bezel would support the 4-inch display of 16:9 widescreen display as seen in the image. Probably, the added length on the dimensions on the phone will be perfect enough to fit a larger battery, just when Apple might be needing if they decides to release an LTE version of the device.

The backplates also seemed to have undergone a redesign, now feat metal strips on the top and bottom. You can see that the radio antennas appear to be molded into the area where the metal strips exist on the back plate.

Apparently, the leaked images also confirmed a micro-usb-like smaller dock connector that has been reported earlier.

Finally, we’re now down to the question if these leaks are legit? Photoshopped? We believe that the photos seemed legit, no blurry cam effects and obviously 9to5Mac seems to be trusted enough when talking about its internet reputation along with the supplier that leaked them.


Source: 9to5Mac

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