Canon’s Micro Four Thirds Camera In The Next 30 Days

Canon’s mirrorless entry could be just around and just waiting its official curtain be lift off, though at the moment there are scant details about the camera. However, CanonRumors are getting more and more information about the announcement slated for sometime in the next 30 days, probably that will fall nearly on the rumored July 24th announcement.

Canon’s Micro Four Thirds Camera

The rumor also suggest that Canon’s micro four third entry will might be using same sized or maybe even the exact same sensor fitted on the G1 X.

Accordingly, there will be three lenses will go on debut, which might seemed to be a new mount. But we’re looking on the possibility that the camera will be or there’s a way to make it  compatible to existing EF or EF-S lenses.

Looking forward, there might be three class of mirrorless entry coming from Canon, with the initial announcement introducing the consumer level camera while the “prosumer” and “professional” inclined cameras are planned to come later.

For the meantime, we can take each pieces of these mirrorless with a grain of salt but expect the coming weeks throwing solid leaks if Canon will make its micro four third entry official.

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