Alleged iPhone 5 backplate on video, 7.9mm thickness and HD front camera

Looks like the iPhone 5 or new iPhone has been on the run this week with compelling rumors filling up the thread of most fanboyish sites we’ve visited. The highlights goes to alleged iPhone back plate making tons of hits on YouTube that was seen from the previous image leaked suggesting same probable 4-inch Retina-display screen obvious with the added height compared with an iPhone 4S. The video also revealed the details of unibody, thinner casing of about 7.9mm with front-panel being the only glass part, smaller dock and SIM card slot that seemed to reflect the recently approved ETSI Apple’s nano-SIM standard.

Besides the significant redesign of the new iPhone build, Mingchi Kuo – an analyst for KGI predicts that the new handset will feature HD front-facing camera and placed center, like to the camera position of the iPod touch. If this will be in reality, the FaceTime chatters will have the 720p video instead of the VGA resolution on the current iPhone 4S. See the specs below:

Source: AppleInsider , Mingchi Kuo, KGI (PDF in Chinese)

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