SoundCloud Revolutionizes Music with NEXT Web App

Music is a form of expression, and SoundCloud has set out to release it in droves by un-muting the future of the online world, as Alex Ljung, SoundCloud founder, often says on interviews. With that vision, this music and audio distribution website has reached a couple of milestones to be proud of, one of which is reaching more than 10 million registered users. Now, SoundCloud is once again setting out into redefining the way music should be through the Next web app.

The New Face of SoundCloud

When others are struggling to place their music center-fold, even going as far as opting to buy SoundCloud plays, the said platform and its team already have their hands full with redesigns that do exactly that – putting music front and center. Changes in this audio distribution platform are meant to make music more socially shareable. Although, it is yet to be released next month inviting only 10,000 beta testers, the Next app has already caught millions of new users adding more to its 10 million user base.

What are the new and redesigned features on this hot web app SoundCloud Next?

Makes it easy to repost audio tracks/music

Truly inspired by Tumblr reblog system, SoundCloud Next will allow easy sharing through its repost method. When a SoundClouder likes to share a music track to his followers, he can conveniently do so, not on Twitter, Facebook or Google plus, but on the SoundCloud waveform itself.

Enables Real Time Notifications

With the new SoundCloud web app, you are instantly notified when someone you follow adds a music track or one of your followers likes and comments on your audio tracks. No need for you to check time and time again for new updates both on your tracks or others you follow.

Releases Sleeker Waveform

If you are among the beta testers of SoundClound Next, one predominant change to notice is its waveform. It has a sleeker look with comments all visible in one scroll. Below the waveform is a selection of activity from repost, like, share to buy.

Easy Website Navigation

You can find everything in a glance and takes a few clicks to get to the page you want to go. The SoundCloud Next web app is created with YOU in mind, as relayed on their teaser page. Check out the page here.

Modified Playlist with Sets

Playlists give way to Sets. SoundClouders can now select a number of audio tracks they like and listen to the Set in one single wave form without interruption. Uninterrupted means the set will continuously play even while the user is exploring SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is in a mission overhaul, redesigning the old SoundCloud interface and functionality, making it a more convenient music web app for its users. With its real time and improve search algorithms, users can also see suggested results while typing like what Google search results do. Indeed, this year is a big one for SoundCloud!

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