Majority of US consumers use smartphones, 48.5-percent of those runs on Android

Smartphones nowadays are not just simply gadgets; it has become a necessity, a part of everyday life. It now plays a big role in our everyday activities. With the increase in demand for smartphones, Nielsen, a global leader in measurement, data and information, measured the percentage share of smartphones and Smartphone’s OS in the US.

It’s been said that last March 2012, 50.4% of US mobile subscribers owned smartphones. The percentage had increased by 2.6% since last December 2011 which is only 47.8%. Most of the consumers who are buying mobile phones were choosing smartphones as compared to other mobile phone that was released at earlier time in the market. With the said increase in count, Apple still gets the place for the top smartphone handset manufacturer. But when it comes to smartphone OS, Android is at the top.

On the smartphone operating system share, Android got 48.5% of all smartphone handsets. Apple is at the second place getting with 32% share. Even though Apple is the top mobile phone manufacturer, its OS is not very close to the percentage that Android got. Blackberry got the third spot with 11.6% and Windows Mobile and Windows Phone got the fourth and fifth place.

Nielsen also noted the following which makes up the growing numbers of smartphone users.

  • Asian Americans are the top smartphone owners and got 67.3 percent of the population. Next are Hispanics that got the 57.4 percent of smartphone users, third are the African Americans which were closely following the Hispanics with 54.4 percent and lastly with 44.7 percent are the whites.
  • More than two out of three of the US population with ages 25 to 34 have a smartphone. It’s unsurprisingly that these younger users are smartphone savvy.
  • Smartphone users in the US were dominated by women. 50.9 percent of females have smartphones while there were only 50.1 percent of males.

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