Pinterest + Instagram = Pinstagram

If you can beat them, ‘join’ them! It seems Pek Pongpaet and Brandon Leonardo has take this literally as the two have officially launched a website that mash up a two popular and fastest-growing websites in the world.

The catchy title equates to an official photo viewing website called Pinstragram. The site uses the famous waterfall layout of Pinterest to create a platform for viewing your Instagram photos on the web.

“Pongpaet and Leonardo say the idea for the project was actually kind of a joke that only came to them last Friday. Over lunch the pair, who are also co-founders of the startup, said they were joking about the famous “X for Y” pitches that often happen when companies are pitching venture capital firms. Take Spotwag, for example, which could be called an “AirBnB for dogs,” as reported by Wired.

At the moment, there are plenty of other apps that will let you view Instagram photos on the web, however Pinstagram seemed to have inherited the popularity of the two known services, already luring thousands of visitors for short period of time.

Watch out as it conquers the known platform, such Android and iOS with devices such iPhone and iPad which sure to be a catalyst of growth for Pinstagram. The iPad app is in the works, teaming up with Aditya Herlambang, an iOS developer.

Source: Wired

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