Drink of your morning coffee when it’s not too hot…or too late

As a coffee-lover it has always happened to you, least expecting to take a sip of my coffee but before you know it, it has already burned your tongue and lose your taste buds. While you’re mending to keep your buds up, you left it for a while for you to know that it has already cooled of! So what if there”s a sort of indicator when your drink isn’t too hot or cold to drink?

Meet the Drinking Timing glass designed by Hsu Sean. The special glass utilizes thermo-chromatic components to provide a visual indication of the temperature of your drink. The glass will glow bright red whenever it holds hot liquids and the glass will be clear when it holds cold liquids.

And as we see, this isn’t just for coffee or tea drinking but this tech could be also perfect for feeding bottles for baby. So you don’t have to test and burn your skin over boiling milk.

Simple enough but considerably thoughtful design. So all you have to do is remember the color and you’ll have the perfect timing drinking you green coffee bean supplement anytime!

Unfortunately at the moment, there’s no word if this concept piece will come to life or how much it’ll be when it hit the shelves. Let just cross our fingers really tight.

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