Best Free Ringtone Apps for the Apple iPhone

A famous Apple iPhone slogan states, “There’s an app for that.” There really does seem to be an app for just about everything imaginable, and this includes apps that help you to customize your own ringtones. There are only a few dozen different sounds loaded into the Apple iPhone. With millions of people now walking around with an iPhone in hand, those ringtones are certainly over-used. However, by downloading a free app today, you can easily create customized ringtones for your phone.

Ringtone Maker by Mobile17

This is one of the top free ringtones apps available. With this app, you can edit any popular song that you have stored in your phone. Through the editing process, you can turn the song into a customized ringtone that is up to 40 seconds in length. This app is available for use on iPhones that have a 4.0 or better operating system.

Ringtone Designer

This is another popular app that can be downloaded to your phone for free. With this app, you can select any of the songs in your current playlist, and the songs can be turned into ringtones that last up to 30 seconds in length. This is a great app that allows you to create customized ringtones for everyone in your contact list as well as special sounds for events like a new email message or a new text message on your iPhone

Myxer Ringtones

Unlike the other two free apps, Myxer Ringtones is a free app that allows you to choose from its own list of songs or from your playlist. This unique feature saves you from having to buy popular songs before turning them into a ringtone. In addition, this app also has a popular feature that enables you to view the sections of the songs that other uses have used in their ringtone creations. This can save you time and effort as you try to turn your favorite songs into ringtones.

Why Use a Free App?

The fact is that nobody really wants to share the same ringtone with anyone else. When you use the pre-programmed ringtones that come with your iPhone, you are using the same sounds that everyone else with an iPhone has access to. Chances are, you will find yourself out and about in public, reaching for your cell phone because someone else with the same ringtone is receiving a call. This can be bothersome to say the least. More than that, however, is the fact that you really do want to give your iPhone individuality. You have spent time picking out the perfect phone case and the ideal wallpaper. Now, you can create your own ringtones to give your phone that extra touch of personalization it needs.

While these apps are popular ways to create free iPhone ringtones, they do take some time and effort to put to use. You have to find the perfect song, then edit that song with the perfect segment to use as a ringtone. You may not want to download ringtones that are readily available to use because of the cost associated with purchasing ringtones. However, there are free ringtone downloads available to you, and these free downloads can save you time and effort in creating your own sounds. You simply have to visit to explore the thousands of different ringtones available to you for free right now.

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