Apple eying for domain name, hints the next-gen iPhone?

Could it be that the next-generation iPhone will be called as iPhone 5 instead of the ‘new iPhone’ mirrored from the recent ‘new iPad’ release? It could be as Apple is attempting to acquire the domain name from its third party company owner.

The Cupertino-giant has filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and as the owner of the iPhone, most likely it will acquire the domain name in the near future. A small forum openly talking about iPhone’s iteration was housed in the domain, it’s still up at the moment as there’s still no final decision from WIPO.

Accordingly, the name iPhone 5 for the upcoming iteration of iPhone couldn’t be just suggested by Apple’s acquisition of this domain name, as reported Apple is hunting down domain names mentioning iPhone but owned by third party companies to eliminate confusion among consumers. More or less, whatever name they’ve put on the next iPhone, seemingly what most important to consumers is its added and enhanced features and possible new design. If it’ll as gorgeous as the iPhone 5 LM concept, yes –that would be sweet.

The best example is that will redirect to Apple’s iPhone 4S dedicated page.

Source: WIPO

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