Airline Launches Electronic Tags to Locate Baggage

No more lost luggage! Australian airline Qantas have just introduced electronic tags that can be easily attached to luggage and monitor its whereabouts and status after check-in. This was aimed to reduce the whooping 29 millions of reportedly damaged, delayed or lost bags back in 2010. Though we don’t have data for 2011, we believe that it might have bloomed into bigger number –thus making this tech-innovation certainly a hit.

Airline Launches Electronic Tags to Locate Baggage

The “Q-Bag tag” works and looks like an ordinary tag, but it carries passenger’s destination and information that can be scanned. And the most important thing, you can track this tag anywhere in the world.

Besides the cool thing of worry-free flying, the Q-Bag tag and the airlines should secure the way the information is read on the tag as well as the system for the passenger’s security and privacy.

Source: Mashable Tech

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