6 Tech Services and Gadgets Every Entrepreneur Needs

Technology is the catalyst that pushes business forward. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming how quickly new technologies emerge and disappear, but it is important for every entrepreneur wishing to stay ahead of current trends to keep on top of these continually evolving technologies – including services and gadgets that can be beneficial to business persons. 

Six major innovative gadgets and services that can improve the productivity of any small business or entrepreneur include:

Brydge for iPad

The mobility of the iPad is a major draw in the business world. The tablet has a limitless selection of apps and is a dream for portability, but typing leaves something to be desired. Brydge helps to fill that gap. It’s a dock that sports a Bluetooth keyboard and gives the iPad a form factor that’s more like a MacBook. With faster text entry, the iPad becomes the ultimate weapon for small businesses.

Square Card Reader

Entrepreneurs know that when you’re just getting started out, appealing to the widest range of customers is a necessity. Many services for accepting credit cards charge flat fees that might not be within budget, though. Square’s card reader plugs into any smartphone or tablet and lets companies accept payments anytime from anyone without paying a ridiculous fee.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Not every entrepreneur can afford a tablet and a smartphone, but some might need both. The Galaxy Note combines the best features of a smartphone and tablet with a screen that measures more than five inches, yet is also a top-notch smartphone.  While it may be a beast to hold up to your head, the overall functionality of the phone makes it a great gadget to turn into an entrepreneur’s personal assistant.

Google Voice

Communication is critical for a small business. For companies that can’t afford networks of telephones, Google Voice is the next best thing. A customized number can be used to ring multiple devices and even let customers place calls over the web. Making the service even better is the fact that it’s free.


Most people are familiar with Dropbox at this point, but that doesn’t make it any less worthwhile. The service allows for cloud storage and retrieval of files which can be highly beneficial for anyone managing telecommuters or a wide breadth of information while constantly on the go. While using a large scale data center such as Digital Realty may be within reach for larger companies, smaller companies or sole entrepreneurs usually can’t afford such services. For entrepreneurs that need to sync their files over multiple devices, Dropbox is an excellent solution, and even better, it is free for up to 2GB of storage.


Pinterest is new in the social networking world, making it a tool that’s ripe for use by small businesses. The site is used for sharing photos, but with the right creative touch, artistic advertisements will receive large numbers of shares and have a shot at going viral.  That’s right.  It essentially provides free marketing and backlinks – a gold mine for small businesses and large corporations alike looking to increase their online visibility.

Between taking mobile payments and taking phone calls anywhere, these gadgets and services all share a common thread: They let companies operate from anywhere and expand their presence. That should be part of any company’s long-term goals, whether it’s a large company or a sole proprietorship, and these tools help to achieve that goal.

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