1923 0-series Leica is the world’s most expensive camera worth $2.8 million

Leica is one of the most famous names in high-quality cameras that coincide with pretty darn expensive price, today new Leica’s could fly up to $17,500 and $31,000 for a Leica Nieman Marcus Edition and Limited Edition White M9-P. However, this whooping prices could be just a simple bargain if you’ll compared it to a good-old 1923 0-series Leica camera that was auctioned and sold for 2.16 million euros or $2.8 million.

The 1923 Leica camera is considered to be a major part of camera history, that it’s one of the first batch of 31 cameras the German-company ever created. Where only about 12 units known to still exist and adding a significant value as fewer unit are still in mint condition.

The camera was auction winner is an anonymous European buyer.

Back in 2007, a similar Leica 0-series sold for $430,000 and in 2011 one sold for $1.7 million.

[Image credit: WestLicht Photographica Auction]

Source via Born Rich via Yahoo!

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