Ubi-Camera: Frames photos with fingers

We know you’ve done this several times, framing shots with their fingers, pairing L fingers that forms square with their hands. And it’s interesting to know, that researchers at Japan’s Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences are working hard to make this finger framed camera shoots to life.


However, at the moment the prototype seemed to be far from its commercial product. Dubbed as the Ubi-camera, the device fits over an index finger. It boasts a camera lens and sensor, along with an IR range finder. “You simply move the focal point around by moving your fingers away or towards your face: nearer to your face for wide-angle shots or further away for close-ups. Press a button and the shot is snapped.”

Unfortunately, there are still few hurdles for this project like the range finder getting out of whack by lighting conditions and also there’s no zoom; zoom is entirely done in post processing.

So before this finger loving camera, I just watch the video of Google Glass, and it seems that was way futuristic, though both seemed to be really cool when it hits the shelves in the near future.

Source: Engadget via OhGizmo!

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