Nokia admits Lumia 900 connectivity issues

Nokia is quick to respond to consumer issues regarding the inability to establish or loss of data connection with the just released Lumia 900. Nokia announced that the issue was caused by a software glitch and a fix is already on the way which is expected to be released on April 16.

For those who were truly annoyed and can’t wait for the fix, they can go to an AT&T store and the unit will be replaced promptly. As a make up for the issue, Nokia will be giving $100 AT&T bill credit to the early adopters of Lumia 900 and to those who are planning to buy until April 21.

Nokia is truly making a good impression to the American consumers by trying to contain issues as quickly as possible and by giving away incentives. It shows how much the American mobile market is important  for recovery of the Finnish company.


Source: gsmarena

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