How to backup and download your Instagram photos

Instagram users are uncertain as to what will be the fate of their photos and the app itself after Facebook’s acquisition, although Mark Zuckerberg has promised to keep Instagram as an independent app. At this point, there’s no definite path on what changes Facebook integration with the app would bring not to mention the privacy issues related to user data that plague the largest social networking site. On top of this ongoing uncertainty, users has been looking for ways on how they can download or backup all of the photos they’ve shared and liked on the app’s stream.


Fortunately, there’s an online service called Instaport that is dedicated to download the entire stream of photos from your Instagram account. You can query based on date ranges, tags and even those photos that you’ve liked that belongs to other users. All you need to do is just simply provide your Instagram details and from there you can have multiple ways to download all your photos, archived in ZIP format.

Check out Instaport.

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