Galaxy S3 appears in Samsung Kies software

It seems that the most anticipated Galaxy smartphone that Samsung will be launching soon have a mere possibility that it would be sporting the moniker of Samsung Galaxy S3. The label comes up in Samsung’s Kies PC software, which is used for synchronizing personal media to Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Galaxy S3 appears in Samsung Kies software

You  can view the device listing if you’ll go to “Samsung Apps”, select “France” as your region and then track it down in the list of phones that appears where it’s featured in two variants GT-i9300 and GT-i9300T. Unfortunately, there’s no word on what are the differences of the two devices, and likely the images listed will either give you a hint as it seems to be a Galaxy Note.

Now as a normal thing when new popular devices will hit the road to being official, expect leaks and rumors to spice things up to build the right hype –come May 3.

Source: Android Central

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