Canon 5D Mark III reportedly has a “Light Leak” issue

Canon’s recently outed third iteration of its full frame SLR camera —Canon 5D, is reportedly to have a “light leak”issue. Check out the simple procedure you can do to diagnose if your 5D have the issue.

Based from CR’s report, here are the simple steps you can do to check the light leak issue on your unit.

  1. Put your body cap on the camera body.
  2. Put the viewfinder cover that came with the camera over the viewfinder.
  3. Set the camera ISO to 800 and put the camera in “P” mode.
  4. Turn on the backlight for the LCD panel and watch the exposure change

Watch this video to see the light leak issue on 5D.

Report also suggests that with with the body cap on, “shining a flashlight on the top LCD causes the exposure to change, as does sunlight and bright overhead lights.”

CR have tested few more Canon cameras for the issue, and you can find more of the results here.

As of the moment, Canon have no official statement about the issue. And CR also cited, that “If the camera acts properly with the lens cap off, who cares how it acts with the caps on? So please don’t return your 5D Mark IIIs, or cancel preorders or overreact. This “issue” may have a simple explanation.”

Let us know if you’re experiencing the light leak issue on your 5D or other Canon SLR camera that you have.

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