Beefing up Your Business’ Security

business securityWhether you’re a small business owner or the head of a large corporation, security should be one of your top priorities in maintaining a safe, secure office environment. Over the years, it’s been increasingly hard to keep up with all the latest technological trends in various avenues of the business world, and especially those associated with office security.

Often, we’re just too casual or careless with sensitive information, blindly slipping into the old adage “out of sight, out of mind.” Unfortunately, most internet and computer hackers follow those that follow that adage. But with a handful of simple security tips and techniques, you can greatly reduce the risk of physical and intellectual property theft in your business, and make for a safe, high functioning company.

Code of Conduct

It’s important that you set up a well-outlined code of conduct when it comes to security practices within your company walls. Giving employees detailed documents about the proper handling and disposal of various types of information, and proper use of company technology, is a good first step to getting everyone on the same secure page. One loose link in the fence is often all it takes for a security breakdown.

Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras don’t only provide a means for post-theft review, they’re a great deterrent for theft and questionable employee conduct. Conversely, they give employees added piece of mind when it comes to their belongings, and enforce beneficial work habits.

Code Management

A serious consideration for any company these days is a strong encryption key management service. Unprotected computer assets pose the most serious outside threat to your business’ sensitive information. With some great companies out there offering unique symmetric key management options among others, it’s no longer necessary to take the risk.

Security Clearance

By limiting employee access to sensitive information on a need-to-access basis, you greatly reduce the risk of security breach. Allowing employees access to information that they don’t need or understand is another hugely unnecessary risk to take. Give only those employees who need access to vital information a secure and unique way to obtain it, and keep that information confidential. If using encryption services, give only one person or a select group, access to keys and other vital information.

Weekly Audits/Shreddings

Check in on your company’s e-mail and other technology communications on a weekly or monthly basis. If you have any extra hard paper copies of sensitive materials, make sure you shred them regularly. Using a company specific protocol for emails and other modes of information exchange is a good way to ensure consistently safe communication practices.

In this harsh economy, business owners already deal with enough hardship in general.

Don’t let senseless security breaches be an additional burden for you. Maintaining consistent, company-wide security protocols is the best way to keep your employees and your company safe from any outside and inside threats alike.

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