Top Five Ways To Protect Your Gadgets From Thieves

Smartphones, laptops, Notebooks and other gadgets contain a wealth of images, music, photographs and personal information and need to be kept safe. Asset tags are just one way to reduce the risk of theft, so here are five easy ways to protect your equipment.

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Download an anti-theft alarm

If you’re worried about your iPhone being stolen, why not download an anti-theft alarm? This handy app is available at a highly competitive price and can effectively deter both hard-core robbers and opportunistic thieves. It includes a very loud sound that will attract attention to your handset as well as a voice system for your convenience. The app also has a flashing light to deter robbers along with a five-second activation timer – so you can leave the phone without activating the alarm straight away. What’s more, the screen remains black to save battery power meaning the harsh sound can ring on for much longer – what could be better?

Get the GadgetTrak iOS Security app

Protect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by installing this simple, yet brilliant GadgetTrak IOS Security app. It allows you to track the location of a lost or stolen device and is a must-have for technology fans. When the location reporting function is enabled, the app works out where your device is and sends a detailed report to the email address linked with your GadgetTrak account. It will use GPS (if available), otherwise it will tap into cell towers and Wi-Fi hotspots – making it an efficient tool. What’s more, it can snap a photo of the robber for you to hand straight to the police – talk about being caught red handed.

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout is a smartphone security company that provides exquisite protection for iPad and Android tablets as well as iPhone and Android smartphones. They offer protection against viruses, malware and spyware and help you back up all your personal information – so it stays safe. Lookout also helps locate missing devices with the help of Google Maps and can sound an alarm – even if your phone is on silent. To make it even cooler, Lookout Premium for Android can securely lock and wipe your phone, so burglars can’t get hold of personal information. It can also backup your photos and call history which you can then install onto another device.

Notebak Anti-Theft

If your laptop is your pride and joy, why not install this handy Notebak Anti-Theft device and take good care of your property? Notebak actually locks your computer if it is unplugged or the lid closes – making it difficult for thieves to access you files. If you’ve configured the program correctly an alarm will also sound, which should send burglars into a panic. What’s more, the DigitaLabel feature prevents unauthorised logins and encourages innocent users to report the find using a unique ID. The message REWARD FOR RETURN appears before the computer has even rebooted, making it more likely you’ll get your laptop back.

Asset labels

Placing Asset Labels on your property can deter thieves – so label your valuable products before it’s too late. Stick a small sticker on your PC or laptop and show robbers that your equipment is accounted for. If you run a small business, pop a tag on each item and record the unique barcode into an inventory database. This will help you keep track of every piece of IT equipment and should prevent things from going missing. Asset tags are hard to remove, so they’ll also make your equipment hard to resell.

Computers, laptops and phones don’t come cheap, so protect your belongings today.

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