Top 10 Online Scams for 2011

Almost all people in the world know how to use computers and internet. Users can do a lot of things over the internet but most were got scammed unknowingly. Innocent internet users were unaware on the scams over the internet and just keep on clicking on bogus links, and ads. These links and ads are taking advantage of these users and they were exploiting them without their knowledge. Unaware users are tempted to click ads like Test your I.Q, You Won a Lottery, Make Money through the Internet, Find your Soulmate and many more.

But these things not only happen on naïve users but they also trap even the tech savvy and knowledgeable users.

Better Business Bureau has compiled the Top 10 Internet scams for the last year. It includes some malicious party pretended to be the BBB itself. They send emails to small business owners wherein they were being fooled to download an information stealing malware. Here are the top 10 online scams for 2011.

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