Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

YouTube is one of the best sites and can be considered as a great platform for sharing, viewing and uploading videos all over the world. Huge numbers of videos were being uploaded everyday by different individuals from different parts of the globe which is consists of movie clips, TV clips, music videos and even personal videos. Among these videos/channels, of course there are chosen ones who can be counted on the top of the list. These channels were the ones who got millions of Youtube viewers or subscribers or should we say as the most viewed or subscribed channels. Let me share with you the top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels.

 1. Ray William Johnson

Ray Williams Johnson is the creator of this top YouTube channel, with 5.3 million subscribers were recorded to date. It means that many people were hooked on his funny and exciting reviews on the different YouTube videos.

2. Nigahiga

With 5.1 million subscribers, this is certainly the 2nd top channel in YouTube. A channel created by 4 brilliant friends, Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos, Ryan Higa and Tarynn Nago which is consists of entertaining and lively videos. This must really be a hit on YouTube viewers.

3. Smosh

Silly yet impressive acts, this is what their subscribers get every time they watched their videos. No wonder why they got the third place on the list, with 4.4 million subscribers. The creators, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla’s biggest hit is “Siri Tried to Kill Me” which attracted 8 million viewers till date.

4. Machinima

If you are into gaming, this channel is the best for you. They feature videos of various games, reviews, latest news etc. A lot of information can be found on this channel that is why they got the 4th place with 4.2 million subscribers.

5. College Humor

This one focuses on the life of college students and proudly we can say that even if it was only introduced last 2009, it still got the 5th place with 2.7 million subscribers.

6. Real Annoying Orange

2.3 million people has subscribed to this link that is why it got the 6th place on the list. It is a hilarious comedy show called “Annoying Orannge” which is played by Dane Boedighimer.

7. EpicMealTime

Who doesn’t like food? Well this one is comprised of cooking videos using extremely high calorie meals, generally out of meat products. It has 2.3 million subscribers to date.

8. Kevjumba

Owned by Kevin Wu, an American comedian and YouTube celebrity. His videos have been popular in the late 2011. All his videos were literally funny and superb vocal delivery as well as animated facial expressions. This channel is currently subscribed by more than 2.25 million people.

9. Fred

In this channel, the videos were starred by Lucas Cruikshank who plays the role of Fred Figglehorn. He is a boy who is suffering from issues such as anger management and dysfunctional home life. He got 2.24 million subscribers actively watching his videos.

10. ShaneDawsonTV2

A YouTube channel which is consists of amazing and hilarious and frequently updated videos. It is owned and maintained by popular web celebrity Shane Dawson. It got the 10th spot on the list by having 1.9 million subscribers.

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