Top 10 Cases For Your New iPad

Millions have already bought Apple’s New iPad. If you already have one or if you are thinking of buying one, you might want to pamper your iPad with a case to protect it from scratches, dust or from yourself (clumsiness). Here are some cases that you might consider buying:

  1. Spring Summer By DODOcase

Wanna have an iPad cover that looks like a bookbind? Then Spring Summer by DODOcase is the thing for you.  It is made from bookbinding cloth and is made using a traditional bookbinding technique. It features a solid bamboo core with a four-piece tray design dedicated for the curvature of your new iPad.

Price: $79.95  (Link), Find more Dodocase

  1. Bamboo Case By Grove

If you are into a Japaneseque –style then this will perfectly fit you. The case is encompassed in a smooth bamboo shell with integrated magnets.

Price: $119  (Link), Find more related Wooden case

  1. Pro Color Duo Tri-Fold Folio With Stand By Belkin

Whew. What a mouthful name. This cover by Belkin can be converted into a stand to have a better viewing angle for consuming multimedia in your new iPad. It is super slim, lightweight and very durable.

Price: $39.99 (Link)

  1. Sacola By Sena

This leader clad cover by Sena features a really trendy look bordering in modern fashion area. It has zero bulk protective layer and soft micro velvet lining

Price: $120 (Link)


  1. Muzeto Outback Waxed Canvas By WaterField

It possesses an outgoing look and has six different accent colors to suit your tastes. It is composed of a waxed cotton canvas for better protection. It is made to order.

Price: $149+  (Link) 

  1. Military Edition Drop Series By Gumdrop

We all know that the iPad is very susceptible to damage specially to the clumsy folks. Worry no more for Gumdrop created a very rugged case just for you. It has an amazing multiple barrier of shock absorption, built-in polycarbonate screen protector, and microfilm dust filters. Now you can bring your iPad on a camping trip without worries!

Price: $69.95 (Link)

  1. Butterflies By Proporta

Not only this case has very attractive and unique butterfly design, it also contains a polycarbonate exterior hard shell that protects from scratches, knocks and damages.

Price: $34.95 (Link)

  1. ClamCase By ClamCase

If you are more of a typing person then you might wanna grab one of these. It features a QWERTY keyboard layout and has 14 additional function keys for copying, pasting, and controlling music. It is made of polycarbonate plastic that will help protect your iPad.

Price: $149 (Link), See all related products


  1. UnderGROUND Felt Sleeve Case by Incipio

This case possesses a classy and professional look worthy of business people. It is slim and is very stylish. Now you can brag not only your new iPad but you cover as well. It protects the iPad from dust and scratches.

Price: $29.99 (Link)

  1. IntelliCase Folio Stand by Griffin

This case by Griffin features a minimalistic look but don’t be fooled. It can protect your iPad with its polycarbonate body and flexible TPU. It can also be made into a stand for better viewing or typing angles.

Price: $59.99 (Link)

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