Top 10 Best Facebook Games of 2012

Facebook has been used worldwide for several years now. We can do a lot of things in facebook from simple interactions with friends, posting and updating status, uploading videos and photos, tagging friends up to online gaming. These online games in facebook provide fun and excitement as well as entertainment and there are of course the best of the best among these games. Here is a list of top 10 best Facebook games.

1. Zuma Blitz

Zuma blitz was introduced in Facebook last December 14, 2010. It was described by PopCap as “the social adaptation” providing players with “the first competitive and cooperative iteration of Zuma in the game’s history.” It is a ball matching games wherein the player has to shoot at the identical colored ball. When 3 or more matches were made, the ball will explode and the player will earn points. The more ball matches, the more points.

2. Nuts for Love Solitaire

This facebook game is about a squirrel trying to find his true love. The player must help this squirrel who is in love with the help of other animals and creatures. It is a must play for people who are in love. It also comes with free daily horoscope.

3. Frontierville

Frontierville is known as the modified Farmville wherein you will be given a wild space to take care of. In your land, you have to live and survive, clear the land, plant crops, take care of animals and build your own home. You can also add your facebook friends and make them your neighbors.

4. Bejewelled Blitz

Bejewelled has been known years and years from now but it seems that it never gets old. With this new version of the game, it still becomes a hit to facebook fans. It has improved graphics and animations and still lives up to the gamers’ expectations.

5. Sims Social

Sims has been popular in PC and Xbox, but now it is also a part of the facebook world. Just the same as the Sims in PC and Xbox, you have to build a house with all the basic needs, play with your created families/persons and now it has a high level of interaction.

6. Pet Society

The adorable pets in Pet Society gave life to every facebook users from children to adults. It has been a hit during the time when it was introduced in facebook. It is a game wherein you have to take care of your pet, dress him, design a house for him, play with him and you can also visit and interact with the pets of your friends. It is a nice game for everyone.

7. Empires and Allies

Evil forces are all around so players must build their base, form military units and plan strategies to defeat them. This game is inspired by City Ville, but in this game, you have to use guns to fight against raven and his evil forces.

8. Farmville

The facebook game that users like the most; it has more than 11 million facebook likes that made it hard for other games to match its popularity. In this game, the player will experience how to be a farmer. They will be given a parcel of land, they have to cultivate it and make it a healthy farm. They have to take care of the farm from day to day basis to earn from their crops and to widen their area or else it will just be turned into wilderness.

9. Indiana Jones Adventure World

A game that requires great skills and strategy making, it based on the movie Indian Jones. Its aim is to find the hidden treasures but before you can find it, you have to pass through challenges and various quests.

10. City Ville

A modified version of Farmville, but instead of taking care of a farm, the player will build a city. The player is the Mayor of the City and you have to make it a successful and beautiful city. You have to build houses, businesses and others that we can see in city in a real life.

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