Smartphone Users Became More Dominant than Basic Mobile Phone Users

Ever since mobile phones have been introduced, it became part of people’s everyday lives. People were contented with what these basic mobile phones have to offer. But as time passes, mobile phones has improved, from basic texting, calling, listening to music to taking pictures and now, as part of these improvements, we have what we call smartphones which offers great features such productive and gaming apps, quick access to mobile sites —-that’s why nowadays basic mobile phone users were switching to smartphones.

A recent study was conducted by Pew Internet & American Life project and they have found out that smartphone users have outnumbered the basic mobile phone users. And the growth is not just happening in a single demographic group. The growth is occurring in young adults up to those people who are in their 50s.

The survey was conducted on 2,253 adults ages 18 and older and based on the result they have found out that there has been a considerable jump in smartphone growth a year before. This includes the major demographic groups, men, women, adults (young and middle aged), urban and rural residents and wealthy and not wealthy.

As of February 2012, the report said that smartphones were used by almost half (46%) of the population of US adults. As compared from last year, May 2011, it has grown by 11%. They have also said that 2 in 5 adults (41%) own a basic mobile phone. It only shows that smartphones were dominant in the society.

According to the report, college graduates who are 18-35 years old and those with annual household income of $75,000 or more are 60% more probable to own a smartphone than those in other groups. On the other hand, seniors those are 65 years of age and older only have 13% on their group who owns a smartphone.

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