Microsoft detailed Metro-styled IE10 for Windows 8

The Redmond OS-giant have just detailed some of the new enhancements that will be featured on Internet Explorer 10(IE10) highlighting it’s Metro UI version. Expected this fall, the browser is set to be launched along with Windows 8 in its desktop and Metro versions. IE10 promises to provide a mush faster-fluid and safe browsing experience.

Microsoft Windows 8 with Metro IE 10

Here’s a brief explanation cited on Slashgear:

A Metro-styled IE10 will offer a faster and more fluid experience for use on touch-enabled devices. Microsoft has hidden the navigation menus and tabs in Metro IE10, allowing the web page to take up the full browser screen. The navigation controls only appear when you need them by swiping in from the top or bottom of the screen, right-clicking on a mouse, or pressing Windows key+Z on the keyboard. Other features such as an improved touch keyboard, integrated spell-check, and text search are also integrated for an enhanced browsing experience.

Metro IE10 blurs the boundaries between the web and apps through Windows 8 features like snap, charms, and site pinning. Snap allows you to browse IE10 while accessing another application side-by-side. Windows 8 charms, such as Search, Share, Devices, and Settings can be quickly accessed via the IE10 browser by swiping in from the right edge of the screen, pressing Windows key+C, or moving your mouse to the bottom- or top-right corners of the screen. And with site pinning, you can personalize your Windows Start screen with the sites you visit most.

Few more notable security features on IE10 was SmartScreen XSS filtering, Application Reputation, InPrivate browsing, Tracking Protection, and hang detection and recovery.


Source: Building Windows 8 via Slashgear (Image Source)

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