Lamborghini Aventador J boasts 700HP engine with no roof and windshield

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta could still the show by taking the title of the most powerful and fastest Ferrari ever made so far, yet it showcase a dashing hot exterior that deserves a 180-degree neck turn when it pass by on front of you. However, this case isn’t new for all Lambos, who have overwhelming charisma inside and out when talking about sport cars. Moreover, Lamborghini’s latest Aventador J have few unusual design from its line beside from its 700bhp V12 engine, this Aventador has no windshield, opting instead for wind deflectors that are meant to keep the full force of the rushing air from your face. Aside from ditching the windshield, it has also no audio, navigation, or HVAC system and uses Forged Composite seats with inserts made from a new carbon fiber fabric called “Carbonskin” to make it even lighter yet faster.

We have already told you, how rare the design –the availability and price tag follows, there will be only one Aventador J that will be ever produced, so the chance of getting this car on your parking lot might be also a rarest fortune.

Source: Lamborghini

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