How to destroy the new iPad

The new iPad have just stormed the U.S. and several other countries on its release last week. As a normal things, tech sites race ahead for their reviews, other firm rush to dismantle it and most of early adapters is sure to treat it like a new born baby. Apparently, other people grabbed the new iPad for guinea pig-like purposes for their destructive faring test. And it seems to be an eye-opener for those who have just bought the new iPad but haven’t purchased a protective case, watching the videos after the break will surely change your mind.

The new iPad vs. iPad 2 in a drop test

This video features SquareTrade‘s drop test for the new iPad and iPad 2. The iPad drop test includes both tablet fared for waist and shoulder level free fall. How both these magical tablets stand the gravity’s force watch the video below.

The new iPad vs. HK 53 assault rifle and an M4 shotgun

Now this video is dedicated to all the anti-fanboys, thanks to guys at RatedRR who’ve been known to blow-up popular gadgets into pieces. And their latest victim, the new iPad. Watch how the new iPad will stand against the HK 53 assault rifle and an M4 shotgun.

Source: Digital Trends


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