Gecko-Powered Grippy Pad Hold Your Gadgets in Strangest Places

“Just like a gecko’s amazing feet, the Grippy Pad will hold all sorts of things in place.” A pretty almost same functionality of the Barnacle’s suction cups we featured earlier, this pad claims to hold gadgets such iPhone, iPad or other same-weight gadgets in “strangest places”. The Grippy Pad use an advance silicone material that was claimed to work like a gecko’s feet that are actually covered with thousand microscopic hair which can stick to almost any surface.

Grippy Pad

To make things even interesting, we see a customer comment on the website that says his Grippy Pad is able to hold a full cup of tea, this roundup the thought how secured a regular-surfaced smartphones or tablets when attach on this pad.

Grippy Pads

Accordingly, Grippy Pad don’t leave any residue and only requires occasional cleaning with a damp cloth to remove dust or other things that could get stuck to it and diminish its sticking ability. You can grab it on multiple colors fora cheap price tag of only £7 ($11).

Source: Grippy Pad

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